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Things You Should Know About Hiring a General Contractor

A general contractor is the person who oversees a construction project from start to finish. They manage trades and vendors and communicate information to all involved parties. Here are some things you should know about hiring a general contractor. Here’s a brief explanation of what they do. This person is also referred to as a prime contractor or main contractor.

The general contractor oversees the work of subcontractors and laborers. Some of these workers may have specific certifications and have a variety of specialties. The general contractor coordinates the work of these subcontractors and workers to ensure that the project stays on schedule. Additionally, a general contractor is typically the one responsible for cash flow, writing checks to vendors and laborers. This individual will ensure that all parties adhere to the contract and stay on schedule.

When choosing a general contractor, make sure that you get a comprehensive estimate. Estimates can range anywhere from 5 to 20 percent over the actual cost of the project. While these estimates are a good way to get an idea of how much the job will cost, it’s important to keep an eye on price trends and monitor contractors’ markups.

Communication is crucial in any construction project. A general contractor will ensure that the project’s communication infrastructure is complete during all phases. They will also appoint a communication team to ensure that different units of the project communicate with each other. Having this team ensures that everyone is informed about the project and able to follow progress closely.

Payment is a significant factor in any construction project, but is usually contingent on the general contractor fulfilling all of their requirements. Many general contractors have a lot of paperwork that can take weeks to complete. By increasing visibility, streamlining paperwork, and maintaining open lines of communication, you can minimize payment delays. The more transparent your project is, the easier it will be for subcontractors and clients to pay.

A general contractor’s experience will help make the construction process less stressful. They will know local building codes and permit processes. This will save you from headaches and avoid inadvertent problems with the authorities. Additionally, a general contractor will be able to complete your project faster and in compliance with codes and regulations.

A general contractor’s cost will vary widely depending on the size and type of the project. It will typically range from 10 percent to twenty percent of the total cost. Some larger companies charge up to 25 percent of the total project cost. You can ask the general contractor for a quote based on the details of the project.

General contractors must register with the state where they’ll be working. The licensing unit at the Department of Buildings has more information.

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