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Why God Allows Evil and Suffering

Evil and suffering happen to both Christians and non-Christians. Christians are always faced with hard questions from atheists on why God should allow them to suffer while God is all loving and knowing. It’s a hard question to answer but Christians ought to be faithful to their God all the time. Evil and suffering occur in the world and to all human beings. Even though you are not doing anything evil, it’s possible for you to suffer.

Yes God has the power to remove suffering from the people he loves. But one of the reasons people face pain and suffering is to test how faithful they are to God. Just like human beings punish their loved ones when they do evil things or the things they least expected, it’s the same way God instills pain and suffering in those He loves when they do according to his will. God expects us to do according to his will. But as human beings, we like going against his will, and most of the time he does the things that impress us and not the ones that impress God. People should do what God expects from them for them to enjoy the goodness of Christ.

It is crucial to note that even though you are doing everything that God expects, that doesn’t mean that you won’t experience pain and suffering. When everything is going on well in your life, you may forget God reigns and forget His goodness in your life. It’s only after you experience some pain and suffering that you understand God is there. So you will get pain and suffering even when you are a good person. Pain and suffering test how strong your faith is in God. When you undergo pain and suffering as a Christian, you shouldn’t doubt the existence of God. God will put you in some pain and suffering to test how faithful you are to Him and whether you will still stick to his will. So even when you undergo pain and suffering, you need to know that God is still on the throne and still loves you.

Any Christian should relate the story of job in the bible. Job went through a lot of suffering not because he was a bad person. Job was one of the people God loved so much and God was happy because of his good deeds. However, God put him to a test and he inflicted him with a lot of pain and suffering. Job showed his faith and love for God and dint deny Him. Through his trust and faith in God, he got all the things he had lost in doubles including his children. This, therefore, shows that pain and suffering are part of us and going through the suffering doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us. Even when confronted with a question of why you are suffering as a Christian, you should be able to defend your faith and your God as well.

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